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Gosh, I ship Dave/Karkat a lot. But in order to write fic I need to 1) learn how to write in general and 2) learn how to write Karkat specifically. Karkat, what are you even? I don’t get you.

You see, while Dave may sometimes venture into the territory of the overly verbose, I don’t think it would be that hard to keep him in character while keeping his lines strictly limited to “hahahaha” and “dude”. With Karkat, however, you’d - or rather, I would have to look within myself and find that part of myself that would come up with the most complicated way of explaining even the simplest concepts in the angriest manner possible. I know that part of me is there - somewhere. But, man, actually typing all its thoughts out. Too much work. (Of course, Karkat is a lot calmer than most of the fandom make him out to be but that's a different story.)

In any event: My life remains a tragedy.

P.S. My God. Holy crap, I’m so glad I actually typed this out! That is a totally sincere statement by the way. For the last past few weeks, words and thinking and feeling were so unbelievably hard for me. My psychiatrist put me on a mood stabilizer that I think almost killed my brain completely. It feels so good to have my thoughts back now.

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