Nov. 16th, 2012

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Wow, it certainly has been awhile. But, alas, Tumblr usually proves to be too stressful for me so if I want to say anything I might as well say it here.

Except, I long ago talked myself into believing I never have anything worthwhile to say - see: the combined issues of me having a low self-esteem and “Tumblr usually proving to be too stressful for me” - so it is now even more ridiculously hard for me to come up with things I’m comfortable talking about than has been for a long time now. And I’m incredibly sorry that everything I do end up saying just sounds like one big pity-party. Noting that I feel miserable is the only thing I really feel competent enough to talk about, I guess.

But there are some other things I would like to put in this post! Just to have them said.

I went to San Francisco and I was definitely not miserable there! I was so not-miserable there, I had somehow convinced myself to sign up for Ladystuck, an annual fanwork exchange focusing on the ladies of Homestuck.

I did this mostly because there were certain pairings and characters I wanted to see fanwork for that I almost never see in the fandom. I really, really hope my prompts weren’t too vague because I was maybe a little sparse on the details in case they were assigned to an artist instead of a writer. Thinking back on it, I feel they were definitely too vague but I still hope whoever it may be can work with them or somehow still be inspired by them! I was certainly inspired by the prompts I was assigned, haha.


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