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I've finally finished the fourth episode of Protect the Boss - Haha! It took a while! - and I guess I have some thoughts about the characters and their relationships and why it took so long for me to get through this episode despite me enjoying the series overall.

I don't want a love triangle between Moo Won and Ji Heon and Eun Seol because I actually kinda like the idea of Moo Won/Eun Seol. Even though that is obviously not where the series is headed.

I mean, Moo Won smiles a lot when Eun Seol is doing whatever antics she is doing at the moment. That's really all it takes to get my shipping gears moving! And a part of me dreads the idea that he is purely, honestly just using Eun Seol. So, silly me, I latched onto to the idea that he is genuinely developing feelings for her. But let's be real here, there is another way to interpret those smiles. They could just mean that Moo Won is (platonically!) fond of Eun Seol.

There is also Na Yoon to consider, seeing as if Ji Heon and Eun Seol are going to be the main couple it's clear that Moo Won and Na Yoon are going to be the secondary couple. And there is one line in episode four that I find particularly interesting. When Moo Won and Na Yoon are talking about their upcoming arranged marriage Moo Won mentions that he doesn't like the idea of a loveless marriage and adds that she doesn't love him. Which read to me as him having feelings for her but understanding that Na Yoon still has feelings for Ji Heon. And he doesn't want to be in a relationship with her while she still does.

Blargh! Feelings about Korean dramas!

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