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Another fic scrap! Technically it was going to be John/Dave (Homestuck) but it didn't quite make it there yet and I don't know if I'm ever going to go back to it. So.

It appears you’ve decided to take a spontaneous nap, from which you have just woken up. Apparently obnoxious sounds are keeping you from your precious sleep. As you begin to regain your consciousness, you remember being in the middle of a conversation with your buddy before it hit a spectacular lull and you thought then would be a good time to rest your eyes a bit. In a moment of panic you quickly reach for your face and check if your glasses are still intact. The computer repeats the sound again.

You are John Egbert and Dave Strider has been pestering you for the last minute. About what, you’re not sure yet as you haven’t got back on your computer yet. Indeed, you are still lying on your bed and you can’t reach your computer from there. You rise and amble over to where the persistent bloops are emitting from. You are going to see what’s up. And, hopefully, you are going to shut HIM up.

TG: dont you ever see some real swole guy
TG: and think
TG: man what would it be like to have him just
TG: throw you down on a bed and plow into you

You can’t say you have.

You blink and wonder blearily if you are still asleep. Maybe there was more to what he had to say but frankly you are too scared to scroll any further up.

EG: …
TG: hypothetically
TG: ironically
TG: ironically hypothetically

EG: what.
TG: what???