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I'm thinking about what I can read and I keep looking at romance novels but I shouldn't go there because that genre is only rife with betrayals. Oh, romance novels. Why must you continue to hurt me so, when I only want to love you?

I'm always open to reading queer coming-of-age ya novels. Right now, I'm reading The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd, a book about a kid who routinely tells inanimate objects that he's gay. That's not the official synopsis. That's actually pretty far from important as far as the story goes. Truthfully, that only happens a couple times in the book. But it keeps popping up in my head at random moments, this mental image of this dude telling his ceiling fan he's gay, and I'd wonder where'd it come from. It's from this book. Yes, this book is the book with the kid telling his ceiling fan he's gay.

It's been taking me months to get through it though, mostly because I'm uber-suspicious of the main love interest. I just don't trust him. Probably because I don't find him all that appealing myself, therefore I feel uncomfortable that the main character does. He gets the main character to shave his head. Now, I like hair way too much to ever approve of something like that.

Wow, what a disjointed, horrible post.