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Loose Lips Could Sink Ships

Title: Untitled
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Jane/Roxy
Warnings: Graphic sex
Word Count: 504
Prompt: Uniforms for [community profile] kink_bingo
Summary: "Jane was a childhood friend of hers, but always an heiress to an Empire, and she wears its colors now."

Roxy peels back the coat, and cups her breasts through her crisp, white dress shirt. Her lover gasps, surprised, and scoots back a few inches on the bed.
“Mmmm, Janey, does that make you feel good?” Roxy asks, her mouth moving along Jane’s jawline. She can feel a single pearl earring digging into the side of her forehead. It isn’t pleasant. It rarely ever is. 

With her head tilted back, Jane stares up blankly at the ceiling with unfocused eyes. Her glasses rest on an exquisitely designed nightstand, made out of mahogany. Delicate, intricate images carved in relief lace the front of the drawer, stretch themselves from end to end. They don’t tell any stories, they have nothing to say, but they are nice to look at. When Roxy sucks at that one spot behind her ear, she lets her eyes close. She moans. 

Jane was a childhood friend of hers, but always an heiress to an Empire, and she wears its colors now. Roxy moves one of her hands down to the hem of Jane’s skirt and then underneath, slides her hand up Jane’s thigh and lets the red fabric bunch around her forearm as she works. She presses onward until she reaches the center between both of Jane’s thighs and gently strokes the cotton covering her flesh there. It already feels moist. Jane is mostly incoherent.

Roxy can feel her rocking against her hand. She can hear the sounds of metal against metal coming from the many shifting medals on the jacket she has failed to remove. Jane rocks her hips back and forth.

Dirk told Roxy something once, but she can’t be expected to recall it right now. It must have been important, though, and so she does her best to try to remember. It had something to do with Jane, she knew that. It had something to do with Empire, too. She knew that.

Dirk tells her lots of things, he tells her everything she needs to know, and, ultimately, it is him who she must follow.

She knows the Empire very well. She has seen what it can do. It is Jane she must leave behind.

There are things Jane mustn’t know. These are the times that make the secrets difficult to keep. This is when she must remember what Dirk has told her the most and when she least wants to.

When Jane climaxes, Roxy presses her smile against Jane’s sweaty forehead and gives her a kiss. When she pulls back, she looks at Jane and Jane smiles drowsily up at her, both the shirt and jacket of her uniform unbuttoned, splayed open, and all around her. Roxy has tears in her eyes. This is okay. Without her glasses, Jane’s eyesight is shit. It is okay, as long as Roxy doesn’t actually start to cry.

Roxy leaves, refusing to allow herself comfort in her lover’s arms. She cannot sleep here. Every moment she spends awake, Roxy dreams of peace; But while she sleeps, she dreams only of war.  

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