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Tasbine ([personal profile] tasbine) wrote2014-06-28 06:12 pm

Dear Author Rarepairfest 2014


I’m very glad you are creating something for me, whether it is fic or art! Frankly, outside of myself, I’m even just happy you are creating something for any of the pairings I prompted! I love these pairings a lot and I truly believe that there just needs to be more stuff out there for them.

Now, a few things you should probably know about my tastes in narrative and art:

- My most formative narratives are the Indiana Jones movies and Terminator 2, and I’ve affinity for that particular kind of mood in the art and fiction I seek out (although not necessarily all of the content present in those films (for instance, I’m not fond of the racism)). Make of that what you will.
- On that note, I love more light-hearted themes and settings but at the same time I eat up The Dramaz like candy. So, generally, I prefer a nice mix.
- I don’t do rape and/or serial killers at all.
- I’m absolutely, more-than-fine with kids and pregnancy. I love families and family-ish situations!

That’s it! I hope you have fun doing your thing. If you at least manage to do that, I know I’ll be happy with it too.