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Homestuck fic scrap!

Originally, the main pairing was going to be Jade/Karkat, with John/Dave on the side. Basically, Jade was going to be a surrogate mother for John and Dave and, as such, had to move to NYC and live with Karkat there for a while (for easier access to doctors and stuff). A pretty flimsy premise, actually, for what was going to be a romantic comedy where Jade and Karkat have a lot of misadventures while adjusting to Earth city life and eventually falling in love.

GG: well….
GG: you see
GG: they are going to be taking some of dave’s genetic material
GG: and then they are going to freeze it until i show up
GG: then they’re going to inject it all into me
GG: and then hopefully dave’s genetic material will fertilize one of my eggs as it moves into my uterus
GG: and the egg will attach itself to the wall of my uterus and grow into a baby!!
GG: ummm, the uterus is a sack built in me meant to hold the baby…
GG: while it grows inside me…..
GG: and that’s basically it!


It was in Karkat’s esteemed estimation that Earth sucked hardcore bleatbeast balls and deserved anything he could manage to fuck up while he lived there for the time being. He willingly embraced this belief and embraced it so hard it sank straight to his core. Earth was doing wonders for his self-esteem, really.

Terezi was still on Alternia. She said she liked this new version that was waiting for them after they beat the system and made the new one. She didn’t exactly hate the old one, but the new one had a new system of government that still needed straightening out. And Terezi thrived on chaos. She thrived on it and relished in taking it and beating at it until it became order. She also didn’t mind adding to it sometimes.

Karkat had lived with her there for about one sweep. In a relationship. With her. It didn’t last. So, he left.

Things were so much better now. He was so done with her and all that crap. With the way things were going for him, he truly felt he was in a much better place than he was before. 

He was staying in line, waiting to buy his groceries. Some orange soda, a few tv dinners, and dishwasher soap. Contentment washed over him like the rancid stink of mature oinkbeast blood.

His phone rang.

He couldn’t possibly answer it now, he was two persons away from the register. It was rude to make people wait and glare at you while you multi-tasked between two conversations and two-to-three plastic bags worth of items. Besides, he was carrying bottles of soda, cartons of tv dinners, and a bottle of dishwasher soap in his arms while his phone was still in his front pocket. He couldn’t even set anything down because the person in front of him just unloaded a full cart onto the conveyor belt. No master of coordination and maneuvering could ever hope to answer that phone; and that, he certainly was not.

He made the effort anyway.

People stared.

The phone went silent. Then: a small sound emitted from it announcing the arrival of a new text.

TT: We need to talk. It’s about Jade. Lunch?