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Tasbine ([personal profile] tasbine) wrote2012-02-14 10:28 pm

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It’s really okay if anybody feels the need to either defriend me or tell me personally that I’m bothering them. If people don’t… well, I never really know where I stand when it comes to other people so I just always kind of assume people hate me and are annoyed with me and are purposely trying avoid having to deal with me. Even though I know it’s stupid and people probably don’t care at all about me one way or another. I try really, really hard to avoid thinking about it and I try to carry on anyways but I would really appreciate it if people would make it clear when I’m not welcomed. This isn’t just for your benefit, but mine as well. Just, please, let be me be able to pack my things up and move on if that’s what I need to do.

This is going to be crossposted on Livejournal and Dreamwidth and I'm going to be making a post about this on Tumblr as well. I'm probably just embarrassing myself again but I really want people to know that I would appreciate it if people were clear with me. I’m trying to socialize more and overcome my handicaps but I’ve been having a hard time with it so I hope this helps.

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